Saturday, April 9, 2011

Take the First Step Race Report

This was a FREE 5 K race , now who could pass up a free race. This race was put on by the Denton County Health Department to help people commit to being active 5 times a week. What a cool way to promote fitness. This was also the first race that I had did by myself, I usually do races with my mom but she had Runner's Yoga up at TUF( and didn't want to miss her class. This is the back of the shirt. This is the course race, on paper it didn't seem to hard to do two loops around but as I was running it was kind of hard. Some people were walking in groups and would take up the whole path across so if you wanted to pass you had to go on the grass.

After I had done the first loop and was on the second loop, I really had wanted to take the 1 mile race loop and finish the race, but then I would have just cheated myself out of miles and that wouldn't have been right. So I kept plugging away. I had to walk some since I hadn't been running in a couple of weeks. They had local High School Cheerleaders cheering everyone at different spots along the course so it was kind of neat to see someone do a back flip to encourage you to finish the race. I finished the race with a time of 42:06 (clock time since it wasn't a chip timed race).

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