Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Firefly Race Report

Race Number 3 for my goal of running 12 races this year:
This race was at the end of March and it was kind of hot that day but as I was waiting for the race to start I was reminded how much cooler it was than last year in June. I had talked my mom into running this race (because it was at night). It was really neat seeing all the lights of the races ahead of us. We finished the race together. My official time was 47:10(gun time) and 46:12 (chip time). Can't wait to do this race again.

This is the shirt.
My mom and I before the race.

While we were waiting for the race to start we tried out our lights to see if they were working.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

2nd Race of the year- Cowtown 10 K

So I am a little late blogging about my second race of the year. SO only ten more races to accomplish my goal of 12 races in 2012. This was the first time to run the Cowtown 10k (you get a medal for finishing the 10k that was the reason for signing up for the 10k). It was a great race with water stops at almost every mile so if I run it next year I won't need to bring along my water bottle. There were some hills in the race the first hill was right after the start of the race.

This was before the race!
My mom and I waiting for the race to start!
The shirt!
I loved how the race bib said how many years each person had been running this race. I spotted a lady who had on the back of her shirt that this year was her 23 year to be running in the Cowtown race wow how cool is that.

Here we are after the race with our finishers medals.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Jingle Bell Run

I picked up these Christmas socks for us to wear at the race and was glad I had them on since they kept my legs nice and warm during the race.

My mom, me and Allie before the race.

Allie and my dad before the 1 mile fun run.

This is my mom and I during the race.

We did this race two years ago and so my mom and I decided that we would enjoy the race and take it easy. This is also the 12th race for me this year so I did finish one of my goals and also finished up Just for the Bling of it challenge. This was a great race hearing all the jingle bells jangling throughout the race.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dallas Turkey Trot!

I had gotten there early and was able to get a turkey costume since my shirt I did the feathers were falling off of it.

As you can see this was where "all the turkey's" had to go to be counted. They did get the record with 651 people who had dressed up as turkey's and stayed corralled together in one spot for 10 minutes.

Even someone had dressed their dog up as a turkey.

Tina, Stephi and me. Tina had asked me if I would do this race with her so I walked it with them. We finished in 1 hour and 10 minutes not bad for it being so crowded and also walking in the turkey costumes. That was hard to do.

We walked passed Thanksgiving Tower what better building to walk past on Thanksgiving Day made you think about what you really were thankful for.

I loved this costume it was made of balloons, how clever was that.

I thought these were cute made out of felt. I hadn't done the Dallas Turkey Trot in a couple of years because of the crowds. When I finished the race I was thankful that Tina had asked me to do this with her and also was thankful that this was my 11th race for the year.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dorthy's Dash Race Report

This was the first time that my mom and I had done this race. It was a nice race and have just figured out that I need to learn how to pace myself better because I start out to fast. I finished this race with a time of 42 minutes. The shirt is long sleeved. As we were leaving the race we asked if we could take the dog's picture and found out that the dog's owner is Dorthy's grandson which makes the dog Dorthy's granddog. How cool was that .

My mom waiting for the race to start.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vineyard Race Report.

This was the third year that my mom and I have run this race. This year the race course was different from the previous years races. When I finished the race I looked at my Nike plus bracelet and it didn't have the correct distance so maybe when the race course was set up there was a part of the course that was left out but oh well I still had a great time for me. I really like running this race but for some odd reason this race was one of the worst races that I had run this year. Who know maybe it was because it was the 9th race that I have done this year. I started the race out running but had to stop and walk because I felt like I was going to get sick and if I quit this race I couldn't count as part of the challenge that I had signed up for called For the Bling of it, where you commit to running 12 races in a year. So I then decided to try and walk run which wasn't too bad. I did finish this race under 40 minutes so was very glad for that the gun time was 39:23. I love the race shirts this year they are long sleeved so I can use it to put over another shirt in the winter or if we have really cool weather by itself.

This is the winery that sponsored the run.

This picture is after the race.

Here is my mom after the race and she finished third in her age group so she now has three wine glasses.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Run for the Children 5K Race

This was the logo on the shirt. The race benefits Scottish Rite Hospital and also does scholarships for children in Lewisville ISD (last year they gave out four scholarships).

The Lewisville Grand Theater with the sun coming up.

So this was my 8th 5k race that I have done this year since I joined for the Bling of it challenge which was to run 12 races in a year. So I didn't have to travel very far and I did this race with my mom. We had done this race in 2009 so we weren't aware that they changed the route which had a lot more hills on the course. I ran some of it but mostly walked it because my hip was hurting me but I think that I may be close to not having my hip hurt so we will see how that goes. Through out the race I had a seven year boy running in front of me and next to me along the course he was really excited to be running a race which was very neat to see his excitement.

I finished with a time of 43:58.