Sunday, June 5, 2011

FireFly Race Report

This race started at 9PM at night and it was only my second night race to run. I had gotten to the race early to pick up my race packet and also to find a parking spot since they capped the race at 3500 people either doing a 5K or the 10K race. I choose the 5K race since you had to finish the 5K in 30 minutes or less or you wouldn't be able to even do the second part of the 10K. In the race packet are these cool little arm bands that have lights on them to wear during the race. I was having some hip issues and decided to go get it checked out since I have been dealing with this for some time and the doctor thinks that it is just tight ligaments and the pain should go away with some stretching and taking some medicine to help with the pain and if it doesn't get better to call him back and will go a different route so with that I walked more than I had wanted to. I also think that it was the weather as well since it was hot and muggy.

Here is the race map they had it mapped out to how many cones and barricades they would need the first time I have seen this on a race map.

Here is the light band they had given every one two of these and it was so cool to see just the lights blinking up ahead of you. It was also very cool that they had the mile markers lighted up so you could see how far you had done.
Here was the shirt.

I finished this race in 43 minutes not bad considering that it was hot and muggy.

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Amy said...

Sorry to hear your hip has been bothering you - hope that clears up soon. Sounds like it was a fun race!