Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Perfect Race

My mom and I had run the Dad's Fest 5K Race this race is for the dad's and to also raise awareness for Prostrate Cancer. We had done this race last year and was thinking that since it was in the same place that the route would be the same, well they had changed where we had started and finished. We had lined up and wished each other good luck and see you at the finish line for the first mile I had ran the whole mile it was tough with the wind blowing but had made myself a deal that if I could just get through the first mile then I could walk if I wanted to so after the first mile I went to alternating walking and running. Around mile 2 I had caught up to my mom and we had decided that our goal was to just finish this race due to the conditions of it being hot, windy and also having so many hills. Well it was my time to run so I had pulled ahead of her and then she caught up to me when it was my walk break and I thought that she was going to pass me but she didn't and then it was time to run and so I finished before she did for the first time in along time. My mom is faster than me and that's OK. Then after the race I usually have to wait around for the awards ceremony to see if she had placed in the top three in her age group which is most of the races that we do but she just wanted to go home instead of wait around which was fine by me.
So I had the perfect race today even though the race was hilly it was windy and hot.

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