Monday, July 4, 2011

Virtual 5K Race

I had heard about this virtual race through a challenge that I had signed up for the year. The challenge was called Run for the Blingof it ( if you want to check it out) you have to run 12 races in a year and what a better way to be motivated to run some races? Right. Well this race is race number 6 for me. I went up to the gym to get it done because I knew that it was going to be kind of hot outside. The host of this race even sent everyone a cute bib to wear if we wanted to. This was my first virtual race to participate in and so I was determined to do it. I finished my 5K in 43:01 not bad. So I wouldn't get bored and to also make the time go by I would walk .25 miles and run .25 miles.


Amy said...

Good job - did you wear the bib?

Christy said...

no I didn't wear the bib. I did this run up at the gym. It would have been a cool conversation starter though

Christy said...
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